Lost Canyon Retreat offers guests 3 distinct stations spread across our 40 acres.  Each unique station provides different features and opportunities encouraging guests to explore the property.


  • Twin Oaks Station is conveniently located near the cabins.  Two massive oak trees provide a cool and comfortable canopy beneath which you can have a picnic, observe the wildlife, or simply take in the canyon views.
  • Sunset Station requires a short hike to our 480 square foot covered viewing platform.  From the platform you will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding canyon.  Sunrises break over the distant hills and sunsets bathe the canyon in light.  Take your coffee at daybreak, have lunch with a view, or simply watch the sunset in the evening. Any way you choose, this station will leave an impression.
  • Lonesome Oak Station requires a considerable walk that will take you throughout, and to the back edge, of our property.  You will cross varying terrain arriving in an open field of grass with stunning views in every direction.  This secluded location provides absolute privacy. Bring a picnic, take a nap in the hammock, or just watch the local wildlife. Its worth the walk.